Philippians 4

Holy Family Catholic Community, Glendale, CA

The Word Of God


Chapter 4

Therefore my brothers, who are loved and adored,

My beloved, crown, joy, stand firm in the Lord.

I entreat both Syntyche and Euodia now

to a mutual understanding in our Lord somehow.

Yes, I ask also you, true companion and mate,

To help these good women set their bond straight,

For they have both labored for God at my side,

With my coworkers and Clement for the gospel, allied,

Whose names are all written in that book of life’s voice.

Rejoice in God always, I say again: rejoice!

Let your gentle kind reason be known by all,

The Lord is quite near. Don’t be anxious. Recall

Everything, rather, by prayer and petition,

With thanksgiving, and request it to God’s recognition.

Then God’s peace, which surpasses comprehension

Will guard hearts and minds, and in Christ relieve tension.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true,

Whatever is noble or lovely in view,

Whatever is just, or gracious, or pure,

Whatever is admirable, I now adjure

That if anything excellent is worthy of praise,

think on these things now for all of your days.

Whatever you have learned and received and heard,

Whatever you have seen in me and in my word,

Put it in practice, keep these things in view,

Then the God of all peace will be there with you.

I greatly rejoiced in the Lord that at last,

You’ve revived your concern for me, as in the past.

Indeed you all were concerned, but lacked opportunity,

To send me your gift from the love of community.

Not that I’m speaking as if I’m need,

For I’ve learned that no circumstance can now impede

My contentment. I know how to be bought low,

I know how to abound in abundance also.

In any and every circumstance I face

I’ve learned the secret I need to embrace

having fullness or hunger, having much need at length.

I can do all things through He who gives strength.

Still, to share in my troubles, proves you are kind.

You’ll recall when I left Macedonia behind,

In those early days of the gospel living,

No other church entered into receiving and giving,

Except only you, my Philippian folk.

Even in Thessalonica I was not broke,

For once and again you sent me my need.

Not that I seek your gift, as if in greed,

But rather I seek your own profit and pleasure,

Which accrues in accounts full of heavenly treasure.

I’ve received my full payment. I’ve more than enough.

Epaphroditus supplied me with your gifts and stuff,

An acceptable sacrifice pleasing to God,

They’ve become a sweet offering, fragrant and awed.

My God will supply now whatever you need,

In accord with the riches of his glory, indeed,

Those in Christ, and to God our Father again,

Glory forever and ever. Amen.

Thus, in Christ Jesus greet all saints as true.

The brothers now with me send greeting to you.

All the saints greet you, and especially the folk

Who are of Caesar’s household, under his yoke.

The grace of Lord Jesus Christ now with His love,

Be with your spirit and lift you above.

Holy Family, Pray for Us

Holy Family, Pray for Us

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