Philippians 2

St. Cecilia Church, Los Angeles, CA

The Word Of God


Chapter 2

So if there is now any encouragement in Christ,

If there’s solace in love, I would give this advice,

That if in the Spirit there is any participation,

Any compassion or mercy in your whole congregation,

Then do also this to complete now my joy:

Have one mind, with same love, and one spirit employ.

Do nothing from selfish, vainglorious conceit,

But rather in humility regard all you meet

As more important than yourselves. See not your concerns,

but let each also see that for which others yearn.

And thus among all of you have this one mind:

the same loving care which in Jesus we find.

It was Jesus who, though in the one form of God,

Did not count equality with God a thing sought.

Rather he emptied himself and took form

As a servant, and into the likeness of man he was born.

Found in human appearance, and yet not at a loss,

He was obedient to death, even death on a cross.

Therefore God has exalted Him in the highest place,

And bestows Him a name above all names in space.

That at the name “Jesus” every knee should bow,

All in heaven, on earth, and all under earth’s brow,

Every tongue should confess Jesus Christ is the Lord,

To the glory of God our dear Father, adored.

Therefore, my beloved, be as you always are,

Obedient in faith when I’m there or afar,

Work out your salvation with trembling and fear,

For God is at work within you to revere

The good faith and good purpose which He will inspire,

thus you work as He works both to will and desire.

Do everything now without argue or grumble,

So that you may become pure and blameless and humble,

Faultless children of God among a wicked generation,

Shining like stars in the dark for the nations,

Holding fast to the word of the life we obtain,

So that I may be proud I’ve not labored in vain.

Yes, even if I am poured out as libation,

Upon the sacrificial service of your faith’s oblation,

I am glad and rejoice with you eternally.

In the same way, all of you share joy with me.

I hope in the Lord to send Timothy there,

So that I might be cheered by the news that I hear.

I have no one like him, who shows genuine concern

for that which concerns you, of which he’ll learn.

For most people seek their own interest on earth,

except those in Christ, and you know his proved worth,

for Timothy served as a child with his father

when he served alongside me for the gospel’s honor.

And so, I hope to send him as soon as I see

How my current imprisonment will go for me.

I too will soon come, for I trust the Lord’s plan,

Epaphroditus for now is my necessary man,

He’s my co-worker, my fellow soldier and brother,

He’s your messenger and minister in need, like no other.

And he longs for you each for he heard you’re distressed

That he’s ill. And indeed he was, he even came close to death,

But God laid his mercy upon him, and not only

On him but on me, that I might not be lonely

In sorrow upon sorrow. I send him therefore,

With eagerness so that you see him, what’s more,

That you rejoice again and reduce my anxiety.

Welcome him and all holy men with joyous piety.

For the sake of the Christ’s work his own death he did greet,

To make up for the service you could not complete.

St. Cecilia, Pray For Us

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