Mark 5

St. Anne’s Parish, Dorchester, MA

The Word of God

The Gospel of Mark

Chapter 5

Jesus went forth to the region of Gerasene

And He came to the other side of the sea.

Jesus stepped out and there a unclean man met him.

He emerged among tombs, for this new escapee

Had an impure spirit, and dwelt among tombs.

None could restrain him, even with chains.

In fact, he was often shackled and bound,

But he wrenched the chains sunder, tearing the reins.

Night and day, midst the tombs, on the mountain he cried,

Crying and cutting himself with the stone.

But when he saw Jesus, he ran up and fell down,

He cried again once to Jesus alone:

Son of the Most High, Jesus, I ask,

What have you to do with me? What is your plan?

In God’s name don’t torture me!” Since Jesus said,

Unclean spirit, I command you come out of this man!

Jesus asked, “What’s your name?” And he replied “Legion.

Said the man: “That’s my name, since there’s many of us.

He begged Jesus not out of country to drive them,

There was swineherds on hillsides and so Legion said thus:

Send us into swine, let us enter them.

Jesus gave permission. Unclean spirits rushed out.

The swineherd, about two thousand in number,

Rushed down a steep bank to the sea where they drowned.

Now the herdsmen there watching fled to their city,

and reported what happened through their countryside.

And so people came round to see what had happened,

And they saw the man sitting near Jesus, untied.

The once-possessed man, was clothed and in sound mind,

but fear seized the crowd at the thought of old Legion.

Those witnessed the incident explained all that happened.

Yet the crowd begged Jesus to depart from their region.

Jesus got in the boat, and the once-possessed man,

Pleaded to remain with Jesus all day.

He did not permit it and told him instead:

Go home to your family and friends, and then say

Look at the Lord, and how much He’s done for me!

Announce that the Lord has had mercy on you.”

The man went away and proclaimed in Decapolis

What Jesus had done, and all marveled there, too.

Disciples and Jesus crossed again in their boats,

And He came to the other side of the sea.

Jesus stepped out and there a crowd met him,

Emerging from them came a new devotee,

A synagogue official, Jarius by name,

Ran up and fell down at Jesus’ feet,

He pleaded with Jesus, saying “My daughter,

She is sick, and I fear her death she will meet,

Please lay your hands on her, then she will live.

Jesus then followed this man to his place.

The crowds came too, and pressed down upon him.

Now a suffering woman was there in that space.

This woman was afflicted with a issue of blood,

And had hemorrhaged this way for twelve long years.

She had spent all she had on physicians yet suffered,

And it only got worse despite all of her tears.

Of Jesus she heard, and of Him she thought:

If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.

She came up behind the crowd and grabbed his cloak,

Immediately, the flow of blood sealed.

In her body she felt that her suffering was cured.

Then Jesus, aware that some power went out,

Turned and said to disciples “Who touched my clothes?

They responded by saying “Don’t you see hereabout

That the crowds press upon us, yet you ask ‘who touched me?’”

Jesus looked round to see if who did it was near.

The woman, then realized what happened to her,

She ran up and fell down in trembling and fear.

Once before Jesus she told the whole truth.

He said to her “Daughter, your faith made you well.

Go in peace now and live, free of your suffering.”

While He was still speaking, there ran up as well

Some people from that officials own household,

They told the man this: “Your daughter is dead.

Why trouble this teacher and healer much longer?

Disregarding that message report, Jesus said:

Do not be afraid. Just believe, have faith.

And He let no one follow, except of course Peter,

And with him came James and his brother John.

They saw at the house of the synagogue leader

A massive commotion, people weeping and wailing.

Jesus entered and said to them “Why are you weeping?

The child is not dead.” And at this they laughed.

when He put them all out saying “She is just sleeping.”

Jesus took then the mother and father by hand,

to their young daughter’s room with a few of his guys.

He took then the child’s hand, said “Talitha Koum!

Which means ‘Little girl, I say now arise!’

The girl, of twelve short years, got up at once.

They were utterly shocked that she walked on her feet.

Jesus gave orders that no one should know this,

And told them to give her something to eat.

The Gospel of Mark

Chapter 5

St. Anne, Pray for Us

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