Mark 4

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Newhall, CA

The Word of God

The Gospel of Mark

Chapter 4

On another occasion Jesus taught by that sea,

And a very large crowd there gathered around.

The whole crowd by the sea was up on the land

So He got in a boat on the sea and sat down.

He was teaching them several things now in parables.

When In the course of His teaching He said “Hear this!

Behold, a sower went out to sow,

And as he sowed seeds, some fell amiss.

Some seed fell on paths, where birds came and devoured.

Others fell on the rocks, which weren’t well soiled.

These sprang up at once, since their dirt was shallow,

But for those without roots, the sun scorched and despoiled.

Other seed that was sown fell among thorns.

The thorns grew and choked them, yielding no grain.

Other seed fell on rich ground, producing much fruit:

Thirty, sixty, a hundred-fold was this seed’s gain.

Whoever has ears,” He said, “they ought to hear.

Now when He was alone, with the Twelve and company,

They asked Him about what those parables meant,

And He said to those present, “The secret and mystery

Of God’s own kingdom has been given to you.

But for those outside, everything is a parable,

So that, ‘they may see but do not perceive,

They hear but don’t understand what they deem unbearable

Lest they should turn and then be forgiven.’

And He said “Now this parable, do you understand?

How then will you understand all of my parables?

The sower sows the word, with seeds in his hand.

These are folks on paths, where word is sown:

As soon as they hear it, Satan takes it away.

These are those on the rocky ground: receiving in joy,

They hear the word soon but do not last the day.

They have no roots in them, so endure just a while.

Tribulation and then persecution arise,

These come on account of the word that was sown

So these folks fall away too and forfeit their prize.

And others are those that are sown among thorns,

These folk hear the word but have worldly anxiety,

The deceitfulness of wealth and desire for things

Comes and chokes up the word, bearing no fruit from piety.

But finally, some folk are sown in rich soil,

They hear and accept the word, bearing fruit from above,

Thirtyfold, sixtyfold, a hundred fold harvest,

All those who believe and bear fruit are my love.

And he said “Who would bring in lamp to place under a bed?

Is it hid ‘neath a bushel basket, or put on a stand?

For whatever is hidden is meant to be manifest,

Nothing secret which in light you can’t understand.

If any have ears to hear, come let them hear it.

And he said to them “Too, take care what you hear.

For the measure with which you measure will be

The measurement of you both from God and your peer.

And even still more will be added to you

To the one who has much, they receive more supply.

From the one who has not, even that is soon taken.

For with spiritual gain or lack, both multiply.

And he said “The kingdom of God is like this:

Its as if a man scatters seeds on his land,

He night and day sleeps and wakes, and the seed sprouts,

Yet he knows not how and does not understand.

The earth by itself produces the fruit,

First the stalk, and the ear, then full kernel in head.

When that grain is ripe, he at once wields the sickle,

For the harvest has come, and the fields he has read.

And he said “What compares to the kingdom of God?

What parable should be used? It’s as that mustard seed,

Which when sown in the ground is the smallest on earth,

Yet after it’s sown it grows up and indeed,

It becomes the largest of plants in the garden,

Its large branches shade all the birds of the air

He spoke parables often so the crowds heard the word,

Yet alone with disciples He explained all with care.

On that day, when evening drew on, Jesus said,

“Come let us cross the sea to the other side”

Leaving the crowd they took Him as He was,

In their boat, cross the sea, with more boats in tide.

And soon there arose a great storm of wind,

And waves beat the boat, the ship with water filled,

And Jesus in stern was asleep on the cushion:

They awoke Him and said “Don’t you care we’ll be killed?”

When awake, He rebuked the wind, said to the sea:

Peace be still.” It was calm, the wind ceased right away.

He said “Why are you fearful men, have you not faith?”

Afraid they said “Who’s this, that the wind and the sea now obey?

The Gospel of Mark

Chapter 4

Our Lady, Pray for Us

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