Mark 1

Mission San Buenaventura, Ventura, CA

Word Of God

The Gospel of Mark

Chapter 1

The beginning of the gospel of Jesus the Christ.

As is written by Isaiah about God’s own son:

Behold I am sending ahead of your face

A messenger preparing the way. Voice of one

who is calling aloud in the desert and wilds

‘Prepare now the way of the Lord, make it straight.’

And so John the Baptist appeared in the desert,

Proclaiming forgiveness of sins small and great

Through a baptism for the repentance of souls.

The whole of Judean country came to this giver

Jerusalem too acknowledged their sins

And were all being baptized in that Jordan River.

Now John was clothed in camel’s hair

And he wore a leather belt around his waist,

He ate locusts and honey, preaching this message:

After me comes He, of whom I’m foretaste.

He is mightier than I, the strap of whose sandals

I am not even worthy to stoop down and loose.

I have baptized with water in that Jordan river

He baptizes with Holy Spirit infused.”

It happened in those days that then Jesus came

Out of Nazareth of Galilee to be baptized by John.

In Jordan when Jesus rose up out the water

The heavens tore open, and there came upon

Him, the Spirit descending as if as a dove.

And a voice came from heaven to say only this

“You beloved are my Son, of whom I’m well pleased.”

The Spirit then drove Him to dry wilderness.

He remained in the desert some forty long days,

Tempted by Satan among beasts of the wild.

The angels yet ministered Him in the desert.

After John was arrested, and Jesus was trialed,

He to Galilee came with the good news of God,

Saying “Time is fulfilled, God’s kingdom ’s at hand!

Repent and believe in the gospel of grace.”

As He passed by the Galilee Sea on the land

He saw Simon, and Andrew his brother, cast nets.

They were fishermen there and to them He said

I will make you fishers of men. Follow me.

They abandoned their nets and went where He led.

When they walked a bit farther they saw the man James,

Son of Zebidee, in a boat, with his brother John.

They were mending their nets when Jesus called both.

They left their nets, father, servants, were drawn

To that Jesus and went to Capernaum with Him.

Once there, on the Sabbath, He entered and taught

In the synagogue where all the folk were astonished.

For He spoke with authority, and H e spoke not

Like the teachers of the law were accustomed to teach.

In the synagogue, a man with a spirit unclean

Cried “Jesus, what business have you with us?

Have you come to destroy us, oh you Nazarene?

I know who you are – The Holy One of God!

But Jesus rebuked him and said “Be Silent!

Come out of this man!” The spirit convulsed and

It came out the man with a loud cry so violent.

All were amazed and they asked one another,

“What is this that He brings with authority new teaching?

He commands unclean spirits, and they obey.”

All through Galilee His fame at once was far-reaching.

On leaving that synagogue He entered the house,

Of Simon and Andrew, with John and James.

Simon’s mother-in-law lay sick with a fever.

Now they told Him about her and all of her pains.

He came up and took her by hand now to lift her,

The fever then left her. She served them a meal.

That evening at sundown they brought all the sick,

All the demon possessed, for Jesus to heal.

The whole town was gathered outside of the doorway,

Jesus cured many with various ills,

He drove out the demons, who knew He was,

Commanding their silence, that they remain still.

Rising quite early, while it was still dark,

He left and went off to a desolate place.

There He prayed and Simon with others behind him,

Pursued that Jesus to search for His face.

They found Him and said “All are looking for you.”

He replied “Let us go to the nearby towns,

In order that I may preach there some more,

That is why, after all, I am making my rounds.”

So He went into Galilee to synagogues,

Preaching and casting out demons unseen.

A leper came to Him and, kneeling down, begged:

If you will, my Jesus, you can make me clean.

Moved with pity, He stretched out His hand to the leper,

He touched him and said “I will do it. Be clean.

All at once on the sudden the leprosy left.

He warned the man sternly to keep it unseen.

Dismissing him Jesus said “Tell no one this,

But see that you go, show yourself to the priest.

Offer for cleansing what Moses prescribed,

And that should be proof. You are released.”

The man went away and talked very freely,

He spread the report like the wind in the air,

Jesus no longer could walk about freely,

People yet came to Him from everywhere.

St. Bonaventure, Pray For US

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